I would like to express my gratitude to you and your staff for the kind consideration you always showed me. The fact that you forwarded to me a photo album that I left behind, is a perfect example. I am thrilled with my refund, and thank you for not over charging me.
– Lorraine C.

It’s been a great 5 years and SGV has been good to us.
– Mary M.

Just wanted to say that we got home and everything was fixed. Thank you for promptly and politely attending to the issue. It is greatly appreciated.
– David and Jen

Thank you for being responsive, responsible, and genuinely good people. Be assured, if we ever return to Pasadena, we will be calling you first!
– D & G Baker

Just a note to say how very difficult it is to say goodbye after 21 years. Please find someone who will love and appreciate this beautiful home and complex as much as I have.
– C. Chaparro

Thank you so very much for approving the renovation of my apartment. It is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me – I feel like I just won one of those home makeovers you see on television! Since you have taken ownership of the building, things have vastly improved; from the selection of tenants to the way the property and we are cared for.
– M. Perry

Thank you for the new counter and sink and painting the kitchen. It looks beautiful. The workers were very couteous and efficient and we are so happy to have a renovated kitchen.
– Ramsey

Just a quick thanks for the fair assessment on the deposit return. Also, a quick thanks for being a great landlord. We have had some issues at our new house rental, and have quickly grown an appreciation for greatly cared-for property and a good landlord. S thanks! And if we ever need another rental in the future, or can refer anyone, we will contact you!
– Raquel P.

Simply wanted to thank you for a great living experience in my lovely apartment. The past 3 years just flew by, and the way you guys treated me as a tenant will never be forgotten.
– Claudia R.